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Raping The Raped

May 29, 20155 min read

There are many novels, poems, films and plays written about rape and victims of rape, some even glorifying the rapists.


May 13, 20156 min read

Marakoku was written in 1993, and had won the State Literary Award in 1994. Yet it took 22 years to cross the great divide from Jaffna to Colombo. It was only after Upali Leelarathne had translated the great novel by Kanthiah Nadesan (Theniyan) from Tamil to Sinhala as 'Kula Anaganavo' that I was able to read it.

Religious Tolerance And Harmony

May 4, 20158 min read

Wesak is considered as the most important day of the year for all who follow the Buddha Dhamma, because it is accepted as the day of birth, enlightenment and passing away of the Buddha. Since the Universal Truth explained by the Buddha, and the path He showed us to escape from our suffering, has been converted to a religion, it was most appropriate for the Buddhist and Pali University to have organized an International Conference for Religious Tolerance and Harmony, which was held on April 22 and 23, 2015.

Going Back To Worship Of Nature

April 29, 20155 min read

Going back to Nature Worship could be the solution to the present day spread of violence, sometimes aggravated by religious conflicts. We can worship nature, not in the way it was interpreted by our early anthropologists, but the way we worship our parents and our gurus. Then we can still adhere to our faith, be it Buddha Dhamma, Hindu Dhamma, Christianity or Islam, without any conflict within ourselves, or in the society, while also worshipping nature.

Buy Nothing

April 9, 20155 min read

Buy Nothing. Give Freely. Share Creatively. No Selling. No Bartering. The ideal policy for the New Year Season!

E Is The Future

March 26, 20156 min read

E-Sankalani is the name given to the new e-journal launched by several young creative writers. It is an outcome of the group on Facebook, "Space for Sri Lankan E-Writers", which was created on 21st, August 2014, and as at March 18th evening, there are 3576 members in the group. They may not all be writers, but they at least read e-books and e-journals, and posts on social media, specially Facebook.

Writers For Humanity

March 17, 20155 min read

Last week the "Writers for Democracy" gathered at the National Museum Auditorium, and there were writers of all races and faiths writing in Sinhala, Tamil and English. The organization was formed several months ago, because there was an urgent need for all writers to unite to save democracy in this country.

Vanishing Gaia

March 14, 20155 min read

Mother Earth is sick. She is very sick. She is suffering from late stage cancer. Yet she could still recover, if she could destroy the all malignant cancer cells, and eliminate the source, which she can achieve by herself. For her own survival, as she has been surviving for the past 4.5 billion years, she would do it.

Agra Declaration

March 5, 20155 min read

"We, the writers, artists, thinkers, journalists and social activists of SAARC countries, view the present scenario of Terrorism and hateful animosities with alarm and deep concern.

The Untouchables

Feb 25, 20156 min read

In India the term Untouchable is used to identify a class of people, who are considered to belong to very low castes. In Sanskrit they were called 'Antyaja', the seven 'inferior' castes of the 'last born'. Now they call them Dalits, and officially as Scheduled Castes. Mahatma Gandhi called them Harijans, or the 'Children of God'. However changing the name did not change the position of the social outcaste, guilty by birth and not by deed. The Mahatma failed. Ambedkar failed, through his conversion to Buddhism and the Indian Constitution. Those who are fighting today to eliminate this inequality among mankind have not succeeded so far.

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