The Bastard Goddess

From the author of the first Asian e-novel

Cover of Bastard Goddess

The Bastard Goddess is the story of three women, mother Prema, daughter Teja and granddaughter Mahima.

Prema is first under her father's domination, then under her husband and then her son. She is the daughter, the wife, the house slave, the passive onlooker as life goes on around her. Teja is the fighter, who tries to fight against the society, fails but fights again in her attempt to end her own suffering. Mahima is the liberator, trying to end all suffering.

But all three women are also one. Teja and Mahima are already inside Prema, struggling to come out, as they had always done throughout history. Teja and Mahima had lived before this, but were always put down by man. Only Prema has been with us always, because she was never a threat to man.

ISBN 955-96508-3-1

"Bastard" is not a dirty word. Calling an illegitimate child a "bastard" can never be an insult to that child. If it is an insult, it will only be to the man the who fathered the child. A woman also should have a right to have a child, without legally marrying a man. Bastard also means fraudulent, or not genuine.

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