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Sandaruwan was a billionaire businessman, living on his own little island. His father was stil living the life of a poor farmer, all alone in a remote village in Sri Lanka. Sandaruwan was obsessed with the idea that he had to look after his father and provide him the same luxurious life. Sandaruwan decides the best way is to get his father to be born as his own son.

On the same date that Moonstone was released, Daya Dissanayake also released චන්ද්රරත්නගේ භවාන්තර චාරිකාව which is the same story in Sinhala. Moonstone is not a translation of චන්ද්රරත්නගේ භවාන්තර චාරිකාව or vice versa. The books were simultaneously written and released.

Sarasavi Publishers, Colombo
ISBN 995-573-498-4

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