Daya Dissanayake.


Daya Dissanayake is an award winning bi-lingual author, the only Sri Lanka to have won State Literary Award for English Novel thrice. He won it for the first time in 1998 for kat bitha which was his first novel. Eavesdropper won the award in 2007, and Miracle Under the Kumbuk Tree in 2013. His The Saadhu Testament; is the first electronic novel by an Asian Author. He followed it up by releasing Wessan Novu Wedun also as an enovel thus becoming the first to publish a Sinhala Electronic Novel. Both books are available for free online reading at this website. He shared the Swarna Pusthaka Award for the Best Sinhala novel 2007 for 'Chadraratnage Bhavantara Charikava.
  • May 24th 1.30 pm - Made a presentation on "Towards a World Without Violence" at the Library Service Auditorium Colombo.
  • May 28th 3.00 pm - will be speaking on "Translating fiction today". at the Library Service Auditorium Colombo.
  • June 2nd 4.00 pm - "Introducing 'The Pearl of Truth' a book by a 14 years old girl. Sports Ministry Auditorium, Reed Avenue, Colombo