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Return Of The Buddha

Aug 21, 20156 min read

Buddha has returned not only to India but to all of South Asia, through the a book by Prof. Himanshu Prabha Ray. She had titled it 'Return of the Buddha. Ancient Symbols for a New Nation'. I came to know about the book after she had presented a paper at the National Archives, New Delhi, on 'Archaeology of Buddhism in India: Sourcing the Archives', in June 2015. Because I did not have the good fortune to listen to the presentation, I wrote to her requesting a copy of her paper, and she wrote to me that it was based on her book, 'Return of the Buddha'.

Sacred Spaces

Oct 29, 201217 min read

Mountain of All Faiths

Sacred Flames

Oct 15, 20127 min read

Sacred Flames

Say No To Rotting Flesh

April 29, 201210 min read

Say NO to Rotten Flesh

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