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Curating Culture

Nov 4, 20146 min read

"All human beings are curators, caring for and conserving our culture and our cultural heritage" explained Dr. Sanjay Garg, Deputy Director SAARC Cultural Center, during the SAARC International Conference on Development of Museums in South Asia, with the theme, 'Curating Culture for Present and Future', held from October 23rd to 25th at the National Museum, Colombo. Dr. Garg made this comment when the issue was raised that the curators and museum management should think outside the box and consider that the whole world is a museum of invaluable cultural heritage. He went on further to add that it is the responsibility of all mankind to protect and conserve all objects of cultural and heritage value on earth.

Heritage Tourism. Who Benefits?

May 20, 201417 min read

daya dissanayake

Selling Our Heritage

Feb 5, 20145 min read

Art into Heritage

Marketing Our Heritage

Jan 22, 20145 min read

Art into Heritage

Culture In My Pocket

May 18, 20125 min read

Museums in my pocket

Culture Vs. Nature

July 13, 20115 min read

Culture is departure from nature. It has been the way throughout man’s history. Man, Homo sapiens would have lived with nature till he became Homo symbolicus and then Homo eastheticus.

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