The Sadhu never fails

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Picture of a monk

The story of the Ananthnandi Sadhu

The secret behind their success? A drop of scented water, prayers inside a CD and a photo of a sadhu in a yellow robe... The Ananthnandi Sadhu never fails. explores one of man's basic human needs - the need to believe and trust a force outside his own mind. The Saadhu Testament is a work of fiction. It tells the story of an Indian sadhu who becomes a source of strength and inspiration to countless millions all over the world.

Man has been making a business from every human need; from health, clothing, food, shelter and even faith. Faith is just another basic human need.

People from different countries, different religions, different professions, seek help from a superior entity, when they find themselves helpless. This is a story about such people, and how a man exploits the situation to make money out of it, while at the same time, doing a service to mankind.

It is not an attack on any religious beliefs, sadhu, priesthood, or even of faith healers. It is only a story. A story available for free online reading at this site.

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